Big Government vs Small Government

February 3, 2021

Big Government vs Small Government

I support legalizing drugs, ending foreign wars, crushing Big Pharma and canceling student debt. But I’m not a liberal. In fact, the enthusiasm liberals have for the government horrifies me.

For example, despite decades of proof that the government can’t balance a budget, liberals hold onto hope that one day they will. Can you imagine having an annual budget of $4 trillion but not enough to help the homeless? As AOC points out below, our government spends trillions on the military but can’t provide healthcare? And liberals trust these people?

Obviously I don’t support Medicare for All, but the point is that politicians rise to power to stay in power. Not to fix America’s problems and return home. They say what you want to hear even though they know that budgets are earmarked years in advance and whatever they promised is very unlikely to pass. Regardless, liberals hold onto a false hope that if they just get this person into office, or that person, things will be different…..

A Case for Small Government

America’s hospitals, universities, homeless shelters and orphanages used to be managed by private charities and religious organizations. Unfortunately, when the government passed the income tax in 1913, paychecks got smaller and the American people couldn’t donate as much. As a result, most of these private organizations shut down. They assumed the government would replace their services, but sadly, that never happened.

For reasons like this, I support a small government. A small government collects fewer taxes with the understanding there will be fewer public services. This is the alternative to the government collecting more in taxes and making empty promises to provide public services.

The American people pay almost ~30% in income taxes. Then there’s sales tax and property taxes and estate taxes. Don’t forget all the licensing fees, road tolls, gift taxes, excise taxes and so much more. It’s difficult to comprehend how much money we give to the government over our lifetimes. The government collects so much money — that when the Pentagon lost $21 trillion and couldn’t explain where the money went — government officials hadn’t noticed it was missing.

If that’s how it works, then I say cancel all student debt. These crooked politicians print trillions of dollars to give away to foreign friends and the global elite — but won’t relieve the suffering of their own people?

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Politicians Want Big Government

As if that isn’t a big enough red flag, consider our government’s monetary policy. Liberals believe the government when they tell us that artificially low interest rates are good for the economy. Wake up, people! The government is tricking you to go into debt and buy things you don’t need.

Financial freedom is essential to achieving actual freedom. The government doesn’t want a free society because then who would they control? For that reason, government programs that make you poor are disguised to bring you prosperity:

Student Loans: The government spearheaded the student loan crisis through its Federal Loans Program in 2009.

The 30-Year Mortgage: The FHA introduced this in the 1930’s and Americans have gladly been in debt ever since.

Retirement Accounts: The government passed its Social Security problem to Wall Street and now millions of Americans are invested in an asset class they don’t understand

To be clear, government may have good intentions but history shows that every time they interfere, they create problems bigger than the problem they wanted to solve. To grasp our enslavement, I highly recommend this 30-minute video:

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Big Government vs Small Government

One of my best friends lives in Singapore and loves socialism because where she lives, the government collects very little in taxes and delivers high quality services in return. America is not Singapore. Most Singaporeans are from China where the government openly owns and operates the lives of the people. America was founded on principles that protect the people’s right to freedom and prosperity.

    • How does a kid get ahead by attending public school where there are no resources and 70% of the kids drop out and teachers don’t stay for longer than a semester?
    • Why did our government approve $500k home mortgages in 2008 for people making $20/hour?
    • Do politicians have our best interest in mind when they lend $100,000 to an 18-year old to study art history?
    • Is anyone paying attention that retirement accounts don’t actually serve the people? They enrich Wall Street?

Centralized power structures do not benefit the individuals, no matter how often those in power say it does. Just because they can print trillions of dollars out of thin air, doesn’t mean that money will be used to improve the quality of your life. Wake up. Vote for yourself, by voting for less government.