Heart and Brain Connection

February 1, 2021

Heart and Brain Connection

Today we idolize the brain. The brains help us navigate our careers, build wealth, and be successful. But did you know that ancient civilizations idolized the heart? Aristotle considered the heart the center of human intelligence and Chinese proverbs called it the “emperor” of the body. So does intelligence stem from the brain… or the heart?

The answer is neither. The way to reach success, love and light depends on the relationship you have between your heart and brain.

Heart and Brain Connection

I have a theory that people who experience chronic anxiety and depression are unable to hear their hearts. They visit doctors and take pills but that doesn’t work because a pill can’t teach you to listen to your heart. Someone who hears their heart can take action without thinking about it. In fact, the brain’s ability to easily interpret messages from the heart is called Heart Coherence. Below is a diagram from HeartMath showing neural messages from the heart to the brain. Do you see how different the messages are under different emotional states?

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If you are feeling frustration, anxiety, worry or irritation — your heart’s neural messages to the brain are erratic. When neural messages are erratic, the brain cannot interpret them, meaning the brain has no relationship with the heart. If someone is incapable of listening to their heart, they are regularly feeling restlessness, boredom and emptiness. But don’t worry. There are exercises you can practice to control your emotional state and clear the pathway between your heart and brain:

1. Break the Programming

The first trick is to be ruthlessly aware of your judgements, expectations and motives. What is the real reason you do what you do for a living? Do you love your partner for who they are? Or do they check a box? What are your dreams? Do you know why you don’t chase them? I recommend reading 13 Ways to Train Your Subconscious Mind which might help you be self-aware.

2. Strengthen Emotional Memory Muscle

There’s a technique called Quick Coherence that says to recall moments when you felt love, appreciation and care. When you do, remember the feeling you had in your heart and try to re-feel them. Keep that feeling as long as possible. Rinse and repeat. Over time, this exercise will strengthen your emotional memory muscle which helps you self-regulate negative emotions. In other words, the next time you feel anxiety, your heart’s neural activity won’t become so erratic that the brain can’t hear the messages.

3. Bird’s Eye View

I’ll explain this exercise through a story: One time as a kid, my mom said I couldn’t leave the dinner table until I ate my green beans. I threw a tantrum. Then, as a 7-year old kid, I had an out-of-the-body experience. I found myself looking down at the top of our house. My vision zoomed out and I could see our neighborhood, our city, and as my perspective zoomed further out, I saw how dumb I looked crying over green beans. Within seconds, I dropped down to Earth, scarfed down the disgusting food and ran outside to play. This is a HeartMath technique called Cut-Thru. The idea is to dissociate yourself from a negative feeling so the heart can calmly communicate with the brain.

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Deprogramming Your Heart

Listening and following your heart requires strength, and sometimes that means deprogramming what society has told us. For example, a Google executive named Mo Gawdat lost his son in a tragic accident. Mo was in extreme pain but his heart told him that all emotions are energetic frequencies to be converted. Mo continued to feel pain but decided that his pain can’t dictate his life. The world would have understood if Mo fell into a deep depression and never left his house. But he didn’t do that. He deprogrammed what he was taught and listened to this heart. In his own words:

On the flip side, I have a friend with a great job, making great money, who has traveled the world and is in a loving relationship. The problem is he’s not happy. He’s not happy because when he was young, someone told him about “success” and my friend dedicated his entire life to chasing it. But what does success look like? Feel like? My friend doesn’t know so he won’t be happy until he’s reached it.

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Heart and Brain Connection

Society has programmed us to think life is about cars, marriage, money, kids and The American Dream. Not true. All living beings share the same DNA which is comprised of the same molecules. Therefore on a molecular level, we are identical. All molecules require energy to stay in motion, thus we are all energetically connected. A successful, wealthy and married man with a dark energy lowers the energy levels of those around him. A homeless woman with a light and loving energy uplifts those in her presence. Life through this lens isn’t what you thought, right?

The progression of energy shown below is from the book Power vs Force by Dr. Hawkins. Through countless studies he proves that a person with an energy frequency of LOVE will increase the energy frequency of someone on a lower frequency.

When we think of how ancient civilizations viewed intelligence, which was through the heart, this makes sense:

  • Solar and geomagnetic fields affect human emotion
  • Solar and magnetic fields are what connects all living things
  • The energy of every living thing affects solar and magnetic fields
  • Living things on a higher energetic frequency can offset planetary discord and incoherence

Each of us were born to align with our hearts and express its desires. When we don’t, we feel unfulfilled and our energy fields turn negative which impacts everything around us. If you want to help others and make the world a better place, you must first help yourself by listening to your heart.