How to Connect with Spirit Guides

February 1, 2021

How to Connect with Spirit Guides

Once upon a time, I suppressed romantic feelings for a friend. My denial created a rift in our friendship until one day, he suggested we stop hanging out. I’ll never forget when he said that: My entire body froze; and then jolted. Every muscle was flexed and frozen at the same time. I interpreted my physical reaction as a message from my spirit guide and long story short, I confessed my love and the rest is history. This article is a short introduction into spirit guides and why we have them.

What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are divine beings made up of love and light. They operate on a higher vibration than the physical world and are invisible to the human eye. The purpose of a spirit guide — sometimes called intuition — is to help you fulfill your purpose on Earth. After all, there was a reason you were born. Until you align your life with that reason, you may not experience fulfillment. 

It’s important to note that spirit guides don’t interfere with your life, no matter what you are going through. In fact, life’s challenges are often the intention of your spirit guide so that you will mature and grow as a person. For example, you might say, If my spirit guide was looking after me, I wouldn’t have lost my job! We can empathize with your feelings, but if the job obstructed your divine path, then losing it was necessary.

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How to Hear Your Spirit Guides

As I mentioned, spirit guides are energy and do not communicate with us verbally. For this reason, it is important you maintain a healthy and strong body — spirit guides often use the body to talk to us. Other common communication methods:

  • Seeing consecutive numbers, or the same number over and over
  • Observing patterns and synchronicity around you
  • Feeling the sudden urge to write, draw, run, etc.
  • Seeing orbs or bright lights, glistening vibrant colors

A spirit guide needs clear and open pathways from your heart to your brain. Take note of your feelings around certain people and certain situations. Anxiety, sadness, headaches, chills, stomach knots, butterflies or nerves are all messages about that particular moment (or person or setting). Acknowledge the spirit guide, listen to what it is saying, and take action.

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Spirit Guides and Faith

The great thing about embracing spirit guides is you’ll become an optimistic and positive person 🙂 When we trust a higher power, we release our need for control here on Earth. It is reported that religious people die in peace because they feel Jesus, God, Allah, etc. by their side and have accepted death to be their destiny.

So whatever you’re going through, the experience is part of a bigger plan meant to bring you fulfillment and peace. When you release the need for control, the world is a beautiful place.

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Do You Ever Ask Why?

Americans are given instructions for how to live that we call The American Dream. The idea is to go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, invest in the stock market and retire at age 65. Since one-size-fits-all is absurd, millions of Americans end up sad, busy and confused.

The reality is, however, that every human’s objective is to connect with his soul and express its authentic desires. If your soul longs to paint, run, raise children, write, start a business, fight poverty, or teach — it is your moral obligation to express that desire. Here at Deprogram we actually believe it is immoral to neglect your life calling (that is your gift to the world).

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How to Connect with Spirit Guides

If you want to connect with your spirit guides, you must first deprogram your mind from how society tells you to live. Most people are too scared to do this but if you want to find meaning in your life, you must overcome fear. Here are ideas to open your heart, clear out your energy channels, and make contact with your spirit guides:

Release Expectations

Once you release the expectation of having a spirit guide, the faster you will feel their presence.

Maintain Your Spiritual Journey

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t make contact. Spirit guides have their own divine timing and you must trust that their appearance, or lack thereof, is part of your destined plan. (Many humans are not meant to evolve in this lifetime).

Listen To Your Intuition

As mentioned, intuition is oftentimes a spirit guide’s voice. This means listen to your gut, listen to your heart, listen to your body. Start paying extreme attention and stop suppressing emotion just because you don’t like it.


You can call on your spirit guides through meditation. Ask them if they have a message for you, or if they can present themselves through a color or image or spark a thought in your consciousness.   Good Luck 🙂