Income Tax is Unconstitutional

February 3, 2021

Income Tax is Unconstitutional

The Constitution prohibits a tax on wages. However, in 1861, President Lincoln needed money to fight the Civil War and applied the first ever income tax. As soon as the war ended, the tax was lifted. So why do we have an income tax today? Long story short, Congress loved the extra money that came from Lincoln’s income tax. They spent decades to trying to legally reinstate it but the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional every time. In 1913, they gave up on the legal route and passed the 16th Amendment:

Lawsuits were filed all over the country. A man named Irwin Schiff, born in 1928, famously fought the government on the following points:

  • The Constitutional’s taxing clauses do not authorize an income tax
  • The IRS tax code says income is reporting voluntarily, not by law
  • The U.S. Tax Court is a branch of the IRS and not an actual court
  • The word “income” is described as profits, and wages in exchange for time is not profit

Despite Schiff’s arguments, the government sent him to jail for the rest of his life.

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IRS Agents Speak Out

Fast forward to 2006 when a film director named Aaron Russo (known for Trading Places with Eddie Murphy) released a documentary called America: Freedom to FascismThe film explored the income tax. Russo interviewed dozens of ex-IRS agents and each one confirmed the income tax is illegal and the American government is illegally enforcing it. For example:

Joe Banister

Joe worked for the Criminal Investigation Division and his job was to investigate Americans suspected of not paying taxes. One day he heard a radio host challenge his audience to prove the income tax was legal. Joe accepted the challenge but wound up spending two years researching the IRS code. He could not prove the income tax was legal. Thinking there was an explanation, Joe put together a memo for his boss:

Within weeks of his memo, Joe was fired and and indicted on false charges.

Sherry Peel Jackson

Sherry worked at the IRS for seven years. After leaving the agency, she saw an ad in the paper that offered $50,000 to anyone who could prove the income tax was legal. She figured this would be easy money. After years of research, however, Sherry realized the income tax was illegal and was being illegally enforced.

She stopped filing a tax return, went public with her findings and was sentenced to 3 years in jail.


Larken Rose

Joe Banister’s memo mentioned the legal function of his department. It was meant to investigate foreigners but Joe was assigned only Americans and asked his bosses why. A guy named Larken Rose had the answer. Larken found in Section 861 of the IRS code that the only types of income legally subject to income tax are:

  • foreign income received by U.S. citizens
  • income earned by foreign corporations

The IRS was using Joe Banister’s department to investigate Americans who were not breaking the law. Larken reported his findings, got into a battle with the Feds, and spent 15 months in jail.


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Where Does the Money Go?

So why does Congress need so much money? Well, Congress has two budgets: Mandatory and Discretionary. The Mandatory budget is money set aside for known future costs. For example, in 2019 the Mandatory budget was $2.7 trillion and most went to Social Security and Medicare. The Discretionary budget is money Congress votes on how to spend each year. Here is the Discretionary budget from 2019: 

Discretionary budget

Since most of the Discretionary budget goes to the military, let’s look at that budget: 

Military Industrial Complex

It seems that Congress wanted to reinstate and enforce (illegally) the income tax, in order to pay the Pentagon. But why does the Pentagon need $700 billion?

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Insane Corruption at the Pentagon

The Pentagon was founded in 1943 and no one in government knows where or how they spend our money. Strange, right? In 2018 — for the first time ever — Congress approved an audit of the Pentagon’s finances. But the Pentagon refused to disclose any information and Congress didn’t follow up.

Is the military running an accounting fraud to mislead Congress? So that they will approve their incessant requests for more money? When the 2018 Pentagon scandal made news, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted the following:

I’m not a fan of Medicare for All, but the point is America’s politicians are owned by the military industrial complex. Our spineless politicians would rather keep their job and bow to the Pentagon than speak up on behalf of the American people.

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Income Tax is Unconstitutional

This article isn’t just about the income tax. The IRS code confirms it is being illegally enforced. The bigger question is why? Look at all the taxes you pay after you’ve paid your income tax:

The government collects so much money from us yet spends so little of that to empower the average citizen. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue — this is people vs. government. If our politicians can’t account for the trillions of dollars that go to the Pentagon each year, why would they let a single American suffer? 

The Federal Reserve prints money to fund stimulus packages, maintain low interest rates and hand out corporate bailouts. But they can’t cancel student debt? Pay off everyone’s credit cards? Provide universal basic income? I don’t support these measures, because I don’t believe in government intervention. But if you do support these measures, at what point are you going to admit that the government is not your friend?

Final point: The Federal Reserve was founded the same year the 16th Amendment was passed. This is not a coincidence, it is a plan to siphon as much money as possible from you and break your spirit. Don’t let them do it.