Reasons to Legalize Weed

February 1, 2021

Reasons to Legalize Weed

Reasons Weed is *Not* Legal

Costs Outweighs Revenue

Congress says legalizing weed would lose us money because we’d have to spend more on emergency room visits, medical care, addiction treatment, drugged driving accidents and crime.

More Teens Would Smoke

More teens smoke weed in states where it’s legal. Nationally, 12% of teens have smoked weed in the past year. But 16% of teens in Colorado and 19% of teens in Alaska have smoked weed in the past year (two states where it’s legal).

Traffic Accidents will Increase

According to, officials found a 6% increased crash risk in states where marijuana is legal, as opposed to states where it is illegal.

Weed is Addictive

Kind of like the very legal opioids that doctors push on every American who feels a twinge of pain?

Legalization Benefits the Black Market

According to, Mexican cartels grow marijuana legally in Colorado and sell it in black markets across the country. Backward-thinking politicians see this as a reason to keep weed illegal.

Weed is Bad for the Brain

Sugar is deadly, alcohol kills and processed food is stuffed with chemicals. But sure, a plant from ground should be outlawed.

America Made a Promise

In 1961, the U.S. signed a treaty to prohibit the production and supply of drugs, including cannabis. The government signed a second treaty in 1971 to control drugs such as barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and psychedelics. A third treaty was signed in 1988 to enforce confiscating drugs and arresting drug users. America spent trillions on the failed War on Drugs and then says one reason they can’t legalize weed is because it’s too expensive.

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Who Fights Legalizing Weed?

The government’s reasons for weed not being legal are above, the *actual* reason is because of two powerful special interest groups:

Big Alcohol
Alcohol kills 88,000 Americans a year but they have the deep pockets to protect their prominent position in the recreational substance industry. (Weed has never killed a single American.)

Big Pharma
The pharmaceutical industry hates weed and has the money to make sure politicians don’t legalize it. The CDC released a report showing that more than 81,000 people died from a drug overdose between June 2019 and May 2020. Legal drugs — such as opioids — ranked high on the list. Meanwhile weed, which is a Schedule 1 (seriously dangerous) drug didn’t make the list. If you want more proof, consider this: The pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeuticals sells a “cannabinoid compound” that reduced nausea amongst chemotherapy patients. In their 2007 SEC filing they wrote: If marijuana were legalized in the United States, our product sales would be significantly reduced. Our politicians collect more in bribes from Big Pharma than any other industry:

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Reasons Weed *Should* be Legal

Safer to Consume

Mold, fungus and pesticides are found in weed sold on the black market. If it were legalized, there would be universal regulation to ensure the product is grown safely and free of toxins.

A Natural Pain Medication

Health insurance, doctor visits, prescription medicine and hospital stays are expensive. Healthcare in America aims to keep you in the system, not empower you to heal yourself. Plants such as cannabis have been healing humans for thousands of years. According to Health Europa and the Medical Cannabis Network, marijuana treats the following:

Americans Want to Legalize it

What is the point of electing officials who line their pockets and advance their careers without addressing the needs and wants of their constituents?

Save Money

Believe it or not, there are police units out there looking for potheads to throw in jail. That is absurd. The police, judicial, legal, and corrections expenses cost taxpayers between $1.9 and $6 billion dollars. Legalizing weed would save between $7.7 billion and $13.7 billion annually.

Thousands of New Jobs

According to a report by the Washington Post, just one year after weed became legal in Colorado, 18,000 jobs were created. Imagine that on a national scale!

Increase Revenue

The firm New Frontier Data released a report in 2017 estimating that legalizing weed (federally) would bring in $131 billion in tax revenue between 2017 and 2025.

Weed Makes You Smart

If used correctly, smoking weed opens consciousness in the brain. I dare you to get high and watch cable news — your bullshit detector will break! You’ll see subliminal messaging telling you how to think and live your life. With the right education, legalizing weed could help millions of Americans wake up to their life and align with their soul.

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Weed is illegal because the cannabis industry doesn’t have enough money to pay off politicians. Even though weed would create jobs, heal those in pain and bring in tax revenue for the government to waste on foreign wars — Big Pharma owns the government and it’s not likely to happen. But as a final note, consider what is 100% legal:

Synthetic Marijuana
Synthetic marijuana (also known as “spice” or K2) is a chemical compound designed to mimic weed. It is more potent than weed and has side effects such as vomiting, chest pain, increased heart rate, vision blackouts, headaches, kidney damage, agitation, high blood pressure, and psychosis. Overdose is common and withdrawal symptoms are horrendous.

THC Vaporizers
THC oil used in vape pens should be regulated for safety, but since weed is illegal, people risk death every time they replace the oil. Manufacturers of THC oil boost their margins by cutting the oil with hydrogen cyanide and other dangerous chemicals that are responsible for multiple deaths across the country.

Thanks government.